A luxury home for short term rental for up to 6 people near the clinic of Dr. Ralf Kleef for hyperthermia, immunotherapy and integrative oncology in a quiet, restful family friendly neighborhood.

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Your Sanctuary in Vienna near Dr Kleef - A peaceful, luxury, serviced short term rental home within easy walking distance of the clinic

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Dear Guest,

Thank you for visiting our web page!

As you consider your options of where to stay while you are at the Kleef Clinic let me share what we have to offer. A number of our guests were participants in Dr Kleef's treatment program so we have some idea what you might need.

Our location offers a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary, a place to rest after the rigors of the day. We can offer you comfort and security. We have space for both you and the support team we hope is coming with you. We can accommodate up to six people, seven if necessary! For stays over 10 days we change the sheets and towels on a weekly basis as part of the price. Extra cleaning services are also available. Designed as high end vacation accommodation, we have done everything we could to the highest standard.

We understand how daunting this journey ahead of you might feel. We are English speaking (visit our About Us page to learn more) and can help you negotiate all the strangeness that comes with being in a new place. Vienna is a very manageable city but any new city can be challenging. We recognize that some of our guests aren't coming to Austria for a vacation but we hope we can offer you warmth and hospitality.

Whether you chose to stay with us or not, we send you our very best wishes.

Lynn, Alan and Petya (The Coachman's Team)

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